Location: Turin, Italy   |   Duration: 5 days   |   Cost: 350/person


Accordingly to your needs

Course programme

Contact us to have a calendar draft or to stipulate the schedule according to the needs of the participants.


The course is held in English. For groups with at least 8 participants, we can organise an ad-hoc session in a different language. Upon request, the session can be also organised and delivered in International Signs


This training is designed for beginners who are interested in sign language and would like to learn the visual-gestural communication of the deaf and are willing to know a different world and the culture of the deaf.

International Sign (IS) is a pidgin sign language which is used in a variety of different contexts, particularly at international meetings such as the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) congress, events such as the Deaflympics and the Miss & Mister Deaf World, and informally when travelling and socializing, mainly in the European countries.

The training will include the main vocabulary of the International Signs and their context of use; iconic gestures and visual-gestural communication; basic elements of the Deaf culture and deaf communities around the world.

Two cultural visits will be organized in museums with special educational program accessible for deaf visitors.

Target Group

Staff in charge of school education (teaching and non-teaching, including school managers, heads, etc.), as well as other educational staff (school inspectors, school counsellors, pedagogical advisors, psychologists, etc.).

Staff of local or regional school authorities or school coordination bodies leading a national mobility consortium who are involved in school policy, school development, or other activities of strategic importance for the school education sector.

Certificates rewarded

▪  Certificate of attendance including description of training content and time input
▪  Europass Mobility Certificates – to be issued by the applicant’s National Agency

Request of interest

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