An Introduction to graphic design

Location: Athens, Greece   |   Duration: 5 days   |   Cost: 350€/person


08.06.2020 – 12.06.2020
22.06.2020 – 26.06.2020

Course programme

This course runs Monday to Friday and includes learning basic skills for graphic design  as well as cultural activities that tie in well with the morning programme.

More details to be announced soon.


The purpose of the seminar is to present the basics of graphic design for creating an effective design.
Frequent changes and additions of content to print promotions and electronic networking media require frequent updating of graphics. As a result, there is a daily need for employees in a business to create and manage these graphics, which requires basic graphic design skills.

This seminar will cover topics such as:

▪ Basic principles that help in choosing the right font, color, composition, illustration, photos etc.
▪ Introduction to design programs like InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop.
▪ Presentation and features of major graphic design categories such as logos, flyers, print and electronic ads.

The seminar is intended for beginners, who will be familiar with the design process and how to create a graphic product, for the most experienced who want to learn a new approach to designing the template and for those who want to manage and update the website or their Social Media

Target Group

Staff in charge of school education (teaching and non-teaching, including school managers, heads, etc.), as well as other educational staff (school inspectors, school counsellors, pedagogical advisors, psychologists, etc.). Staff of local or regional school authorities or school coordination bodies leading a national mobility consortium who are involved in school policy, school development, or other activities of strategic importance for the school education sector.

Certificates rewarded

▪  Certificate of attendance including description of training content and time input
▪  Europass Mobility Certificates – to be issued by the applicant’s National Agency

Request of interest

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