italian language immersion course for italian learners as a foreign language

Location: Turin, Italy   |   Duration: 5 days   |   Cost: 350/person


Accordingly to your needs

Course programme

The course programme will depend of the level of the learned and of the motivation of the course.

According to the level, the structure and the need of the learners, we will prepare a 5-day program who includes cultural visit in famous Italian place in order to practice better the languages.


Italian is the official language in Italy, San Marino, Vatican City (the nominally official language of the Holy See is Latin), Switzerland (along with German, French and Romansh), four municipalities in Slovenia and the Istrian region (Croatia). It is also the official language of the Order of Malta.

Our Italian courses are geared towards one goal: the learner’s best skill in meeting his or her Italian language requirements (PLIDA, CILS, CERT.IT, WORK, TOURISM, etc.). To do this, we offer courses that give the learner the opportunity to live a motivated, enjoyable and effective learning journey. We offer several types of Italian courses according to the needs of those who apply for them.

Our Italian course in a Week course has been designed for all learned who would like to embark on a trip to one of the most ancient languages in the world; our professionals are prepared to teach for all the level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR):

▪ Level A1;
▪ Level A2;
▪ Level B1;
▪ Level B2;
▪ Level C1;
▪ Level C2.

Our organisation is also one of the providers of one of the international certifications of Italian as foreign language form the University of Perugia (CELI- Certificati di conoscenza della lingua italiana).

Target Group

The target group of the training includes all the learners of Italian as a second language.

Certificates rewarded

▪  Certificate of attendance including description of training content and time input
▪  Europass Mobility Certificates – to be issued by the applicant’s National Agency
▪  Possibility to take the CELI Certificate

Request of interest

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