INTERNATIONAL SIGNS - SUmmer school 2020

Duration: 20 hours   |   Cost: 140


June 30 – July 30
Every Tuesday and Thursday 
From 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.


This training is designed for beginners who are interested in sign language and would like to learn the visual-gestural communication of the deaf and are willing to know a different world and the culture of the deaf.

International Sign (IS) is a pidgin sign language which is used in a variety of different contexts, particularly at international meetings such as the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) congress, events such as the Deaflympics and the Miss & Mister Deaf World, and informally when travelling and socializing, mainly in the European countries.

The training will include the main vocabulary of the International Signs and their context of use; iconic gestures and visual-gestural communication; basic elements of the Deaf culture and deaf communities around the world.

Certificates rewarded

▪  Certificate of attendance including description of training content and time input
▪  Europass Mobility Certificates – to be issued by the applicant’s National Agency

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